Puppy School

Our puppy classes are a valuable and fun way to bond with your new pup.

We have designed a very educational and interesting puppy training program that provides the skills all new puppy parents require to ensure their pup has the best start in life. Our aim is to establish the basis for a confident, well adjusted, well socialised, and calm dog.

Our puppy training classes promote a connection between you and your puppy by focusing on building a vocabulary through training exercises. We only use force free training methods that will strengthen the connection you create with your puppy. It is very important to start developing a special bond with your puppy from the very beginning of their life with you.

We do not teach methods that include punishment in our puppy school. These methods are outdated and unnecessary and only damage the relationship you have with your puppy.

In each of our lessons you will learn how to teach your puppy foundation exercises. These are basic exercises that can be built on as your puppy grows. These skills are taught as the first steps to achieving general manners. Our focus is setting your puppy up to succeed within your home environment and beyond.

Along with basic general manners training, we also encourage lots of calm in our program and believe that this is one of the most important parts of raising a puppy. Calm puppies grow into calm and sound dogs that can think, learn, and adapt better than dogs that are not taught this skill.

To achieve a sound dog, we also believe that socialisation is very important. We dedicate a whole lesson to socialisation and exposure. This lesson enables puppies to explore a wide variety of new stimuli while in their sensitive period, as we prepare them for all that is included in our human world.

In our puppy classes, we also help puppies learn how to socialise with other pups. We allow puppy playtime in our program after each lesson’s training component. This important time provides the opportunity for each puppy to gain confidence in a new space and around different breeds of dogs. We are very careful about how this is achieved. Puppies are paired with each other based on their size and breed and are carefully supervised during every play time.

It is our job as qualified Delta instructors to look at each puppy as an individual and strive to assist every pup in our class to the best of our ability, during training and play. As each puppy’s requirements differ and each are in their optimal learning period, it is important that our classes remain a positive experience. We structure our classes to help settle pups to maintain an ideal learning environment. We use management strategies during classes to calm puppies that struggle that little bit more, to create a calm space where your puppy can learn.

A great puppy program would not be possible without a great indoor venue. Well Beings Holistic Petcare by VetCall in West Footscray provides the perfect space for puppies to learn and play. It is indoor, spacious, clean, and well equipped, making classes not only fun but comfortable, with amenities and heating and cooling all included. Go to our media page to check out some of our puppy photos and our lovely indoor space.

We believe that we have created an enjoyable puppy training program that will leave you armed with all the knowledge required to raise a puppy.

Raising a puppy is hard work, but also lots of fun! Let us teach you how to alleviate some of the hard work so you have more time to focus on the fun part!

Puppy Program Details

  • Our Puppy Program runs for 6 weeks.
  • Week one is a theory lesson and is dog free. This lesson runs for approximately 90mins. 
  • Some theory classes will run via Zoom.
  • The following five lessons run for 60mins face to face. 
  • Classes include 30mins of structured training and 30mins of play time.
  • Classes are conducted on week nights. Please check our booking system for available class dates. 
  • Prior to booking with us, ensure your puppy is between 8-15 weeks of age when the course begins.
  • Puppies must have started their vaccination course to join the program but do not need to be fully vaccinated to participate.
  • Please make a booking for your puppy using the on-line booking system provided.
  • The booking system will allow you to provide us with all the information we need to add you to the class and will also take payment to secure your booking.
  • The cost for the 6 Week program is $250.00.
  • Homework and information related to each lesson is sent weekly via email.

Puppy Program Training Information

Week One - Theory Class

Theory class is a puppy free lesson. This gives us the opportunity to welcome you to the venue and talk about all thing’s puppy.

During this class we discuss.

  • Class rules
  • What you need to bring to class.
  • Our training methodology
  • How dogs learn
  • How we train and the value of training.
  • How and where your puppy is sleeping
  • Toilet training
  • Mouthing and biting
  • Enrichment
  • Creating independence
  • And more!

At the end of this lesson, we leave you with some homework, preparing you for your first class with your puppy.

Weeks Two – Six – Practical lessons

Training helps bridge the gap in communication that we have with our puppies and provides your puppy with words that they associate with actions. Teaching your puppy verbal and visual cues will help you guide and instruct your puppy in everyday real- life situations.

Training skills include but are not limited to –

  • Focus – the cue your puppy learns to look at you. Used to avoid distractions and prevent unwanted behaviours.
  • Go to your bed and settle – teaches your puppy where their safe place is to rest and promotes independence.
  • Sit, drop and stand – the cues to either remain stationary, to relax, to prevent problem behaviours and to be examined or groomed.
  • Stay and Wait – the cue for stillness, safety, and calm.
  • Leave it – teaches puppies to not touch what is unsafe or unnecessary.
  • Swap – teaches puppies to exchange high value items, preventing resource guarding.
  • Loose lead walking – encourages puppies to follow and enjoy remaining close while on lead.
  • Recall – encourages puppies to return happily to their owners.
  • Handling exercises – helps puppies tolerate veterinary examinations and grooming experiences.
  • Socialisation and Exposure – a lesson dedicated to the topic. This is a fun and educational course of novel items which is designed to help puppies build confidence and learn about our human world.
  • Puppy Play – owners learn what correct play looks like and when to step in when play is not equal. Puppies learn how to play and how to read social cues from the other puppies improving their future association with other dogs and general sociability.

Puppy Program Venue

Puppy Program Venue Well Being Holistic Petcare by VeCall logo https://wellbeings.net.au/

586 Barkly Street West Footscray.

Supporting Owners - Assisting Dogs - Strengthening Bonds

Supporting Owners - Assisting Dogs - Strengthening Bonds