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video Lessons for Dogs - From A Dog's View

“From a Dog’s View”
A Professional Dog Training Service

“From a Dog’s View” is a professional dog training service, dedicated to the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

We are committed to supporting owners while assisting their dogs with their individual needs, using personalised consultations and training sessions, while implementing “force-free” reward based dog training methods.

Our home visits allow us the pleasure and time to get to know your dog and their family members. This one-on-one time gives us the opportunity to collect important information that will provide us with the correct insight regarding your dog’s requirements, whether addressing behavioural concerns or assisting with basic dog training.

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Training Services

Private Training Lessons for Dogs - From A Dog's View

Private Training Lessons

These lesson are specifically designed to cover the many varying concerns and related

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Psychiatric Assistance Dog Training - From A Dog's View

Puppy School Coming Soon

Puppy School, a great addition to our dog training services, is coming soon. Stay connected with us to find out more.

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Private Behavioural Consultations for Dogs - From A Dog's View

Private Behavioural Consultations

Our Private Behavioural Consultations are designed to assist dogs which have

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Psychiatric Assistance Dog Training - From A Dog's View

Psychiatric Assistance Dog Training

mindDog Australia is a non-profit organisation that assits mental health

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Our Training Methods & Beliefs

From A Dog’s View believe dog training to be very much an individual and personal experience, as we view each dog as unique, each with it’s own individual personality and traits. Therefore, when establishing any training program we ensure that it is one that is tailor made to suit each dog and their owners needs.

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Why Choose Us?

First and foremost, we are advocates for dogs. Their health and well-being are our top priority. We are passionate about assisting all dogs in any way that is possible.

We believe that one important way we can assist dogs is to create awareness regarding dog behaviour through education.

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Doggy Articles

Cafe Savvy Canines

Most people love the idea of visiting the local café with their dogs. However, the image that most dog lovers have when they think of bringing their dogs al...
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A Puppy's Perspective

Wow it’s exhausting being a puppy! There is so much to learn and so much going on at our house.                 ...
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Dog Park Etiquette

Off-leash dog parks can be great places where dogs can run free and where people and dogs alike can have positive experiences and even make new friends. Howe...
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