Training Services

Training Services

Private Training Lessons for Dogs - From A Dog's View

Private Training Lessons

These lesson are specifically designed to cover the many varying concerns and related

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Private Behavioural Consultations for Dogs - From A Dog's View

Private Behavioural Consultations

Our Private Behavioural Consultations are designed to assist dogs which have

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Psychiatric Assistance Dog Training - From A Dog's View

Psychiatric Assistance Dog Training

mindDog Australia is a non-profit organisation that assits mental health

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Our Training Methods and Beliefs

We believe dog training to be very much an individual and personal experience, as we view each dog as unique, each with its own individual personality and traits.  Therefore, when establishing any training program we ensure that it is one that is tailor-made to suit each dog and their owner’s needs.

We believe when using the correct positive training techniques dogs can learn to make the correct choices without force or punishment. Dogs like to work and enjoy a challenge. When presented with the opportunity to do so they will aim to please and earn their rewards. Encouraging this interaction will create a wonderful bond, between dogs and their owners and also make training your dog an enjoyable time, rather than one that is avoided.

As dogs don’t understand human language and live in a human world filled with human expectations, we believe we need to try to learn their language and try to see things from their perspective. When we take this attitude on board and consider that our dog’s world is different, we can then together create a more respectful relationship. With this new mindset, the use of management strategies, enrichment and other positive training methods, we can assist  dogs with a kind and more gentle approach.

Let us support you while you assist your dog toward understanding what is expected from them in their day-to-day life. Whether it be general manners training, or assisting dogs that need more specialised attention, we can arrange the appropriate training service for you and your dog.

Our aim is to provide you with the best skills to assist your dog with its individual training needs.  To achieve this we ask that you please read through the ‘Training Services’ listed , then contact us so we can establish together which service best suits your dog/s requirements.

We look forward to sharing our force free training skills with our clients and their dogs….a kinder approach to dog training.

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What is positive reinforcement dog training - From A Dog's View
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