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The black dog balance harness - From A Dog's View

Balance Harness

The Black Dog Balance Harness is designed to assist with training ‘Walking Control’ on pulling dogs.

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Head Halter with a black dog - From A Dog's View

Head Halter

A Head Halter controls a strong dog without causing it pain – it’s like installing Power Steering on your dog.

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Identifying the correct equipment for your dog’s needs will make a world of difference to your daily walks. When it is used and fitted properly it will enable you to guide and instruct your dog in a much more efficient and effective way.

This will provide you with the ability to improve your lead technique and handling skills and help both you and your dog feel more comfortable and secure when out and about.  The appropriate equipment along with the acquired skills, will see you feeling more confident and heading out with the necessary techniques to direct and guide your dog in a positive and constructive way.

From A Dog’s View does not recommend or supply aversive training equipment, nor condones the use of aversive training methods.

Ideally, I would love to see your dog walking happily on a soft collar, but when this scenario is unrealistic, my preference is the use of ‘Black Dog Wear’ incorporated with a force-free and friendly approach.

See Balance Harness and Head Halter for examples of some of the equipment we use and recommend.

Black dog wear - From A Dog's View