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Head Halter

A Head Halter controls a strong dog without causing it pain – it’s like installing Power Steering on your dog.

Head Halters can help focus a scatty dog, can calm a dog, help it to relax by showing it leadership and can stop it from pulling continually on the lead.

The Black Dog Wear Head Halter even fits and works very well on Short Nosed Breeds such as Boxers.

This Classic style halter (classic because it connects to the lead under the dog’s jaw) has been the Head Halter of choice for trainers for many years.

The dynamic design allows the halter to move as the dog moves, leaving the Nose Bridge Strap to sit comfortably in the same position, this means it doesn’t tend to ride up close to the dog’s eyes and the dog is more content while wearing the halter.

A black dog with a Head Halter - From A Dog's View