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Lisa Faorlin

Primary Trainer

About me

My interest in animals began when I was given my first dog at the age of five and never wavered. As a child and teenager, I spent lots of time with our family dogs and was always committed to their care.

When it was time to think of a career path, there was no doubt that I would aim for a suitable workplace that involved the care and education of dogs, along with other animals.

It was not long before I found an appropriate role in Veterinary Nursing. During my time in this role, I learned a lot about dog’s health and husbandry. This time also taught me the reality of the challenges that dogs face in society.

I then left veterinary nursing after some time and started my own pet sitting business, a role I enjoyed and one that taught me various new things about dogs. It was in Veterinary Nursing and while Pet Sitting that I began to become more interested in behaviour. I found that most dogs are misunderstood. This made me want to learn how to interpret their behaviour so that I could assist them and teach others how to help their dog's live their best life. 

From A Dog's View Dog Trainer Lisa Faorlin with 2 Puppies

This realisation and the desire to understand my own dogs better, lead me to The Delta Society where I received a tertiary qualification in Positive Reward Based Training.

Over the years I have endeavoured to help educate the community about dog behaviour and their requirements, by running puppy classes and adult classes for various training businesses. I am currently still employed at Point Cook Dog Training while running my own business From A Dog’s View. I find great pleasure in instructing puppy and adult classes, as well as conducting private consultations on my own and on behalf of others in the industry. Working with other trainers is very rewarding, as we all work together to achieve the best result for the dogs we assist.

I also work with Veterinary Behaviourists who provide specialist support and care to clients and their dogs who have more difficult behavioural concerns. Attending regular specialist meetings and seminars keeps my keen interest in behaviour current. This knowledge and experience enables me to achieve better results for the dogs I assist in classes and during home visits.

My experience and qualification with the Delta Society lead me to Assistance Dog Training. I am currently an assessor and trainer for mindDog Australia. Working for mindDog has giving me the opportunity to work with dogs and clients on a very different level and provides me with a broader skill set that enhances my training ability.

I look forward to new training challenges and opportunities to educate and support owners while assisting dogs, as we all work together to create the best lives for our dogs.

I hope to achieve this while working at Point Cook Training, mindDog Australia and through my own business ‘From A Dog’s View” that I share with my husband Anthony who has the same skills and training qualification.


  • Delta Society Australia – Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services
  • Professional Pet Guild – Pet Dog Ambassador Assessor
  • mindDog Australia trainer
  • PAT (Public Access Test) Victorian Assessor for mindDog Australia
  • CAP Level 1 (Clickers Trainers Competency Assessment Program Level 1)
  • Accredited CGC Instructor and Assessor


  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  • Professional Pet Guild Australia
  • Delta Institute

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