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Private Dog Training Lessons

A dog with a belt - In-Home Dog Training - From A Dog's View

In-Home Training

In-home training provides you with the benefit of teaching your dog basic general manners in the comfort of your home

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Training for Common Problem Behaviours - From A Dog's View

Training for Common Problem Behaviours

Our one-on-one home visits will give you the opportunity to discuss in detail the particular

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Our private dog training lessons are specifically designed to cover the many varying concerns and related matters involved when sharing your life with your best friend.

During our private dog training lessons we visit your dog in its home environment to establish how we can assist your dog with its particular issue/s.  These one on one visits provide us with the opportunity to assess and then address the problem, or goal training prospects, by tailoring a training program specific to both you and your dog’s requirements. We are flexible in our approach and will always take into consideration your lifestyle and daily commitments.

Our aim is to provide both you and your dog with the ability to work on any area of training that is required for you to achieve your goals. These goals maybe as simple as wanting your dog to learn important general manners, to wanting to achieve assistance with the more complex issues related to specific problem behaviours. We are dedicated to supporting you while you assist your dog to achieve your goals.

A puppy getting private training lessons - From a Dog’s View

Supporting Owners - Assisting Dogs - Strengthening Bonds