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Terms of Use

The Customer has agreed to purchase Products from us in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions:

1. Price and Payment

  • The Price for the Products shall be the price specified on our website. GST and other taxes and duties that may be applicable shall be added to the Price except when they are expressly included in the Price.
  • We may require the Customer to pay a deposit.
  • Payment of the Price is required on receipt or delivery of the Products.
  • A surcharge of up to 3% of the Price may be applied to payments made by credit card.

2. Defects

  • If the Customer believes that any Product delivered is defective, the Customer must notify us within 7 days of the purchase.
  • For Products which we have agreed in writing are defective or were delivered in error, our liability is limited to either (at our discretion):
    • replacement of the Products; or
    • repair of the Products.

3. Returns

  • We may (in our sole discretion) accept the return of Products that are not defective, but only if:
    • the Customer requests the return in writing within seven (7) days of delivery;
    • the Customer provides proof of purchase (if requested);
    • the Products are returned in the condition in which they were delivered and with all packaging material, brochures and instruction material in as new condition as is reasonably possible in the circumstances.
  • Product we have procured and supplied at the specific request of a Customer will not be accepted for return.

4. Limitation of Liability

  • The Customer acknowledges that the Products are bought relying solely upon the Customer’s skill and judgement.
  • Any advice, recommendations, information, assistance or service provided by us to the Customer in relation to the Products sold or their use or application is provided in good faith and we believe such advice to be appropriate and reliable. Any such advice in relation to any Products sold by is provided, however, without liability or responsibility on our part.