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Training for Common Problem Behaviours

Our one-on-one home visits will give you the opportunity to discuss in detail the particular problems your dog is having and which behavioural training is required. We spend time gathering as much information as possible to determine the best training plan to help see your dog back on the right track.

Our dog behaviour training is designed to show your dog that it has choices!  We can encourage, motivate, enable and teach dogs that they can make a different choice when given the correct tools and skills rather than performing an undesirable behaviour.

Some of the ways in which we achieve this is by the implementation of management strategies, the use of enrichment and by applying the appropriate training.

Examples of common dog behaviour training issues include but are not limited to:

  • Barking
  • Barging through Doors
  • Counter Surfing
  • Digging
  • Jumping Up
  • Chasing
  • Front Door Re-activity
  • Inability to Settle
  • Nipping
  • Pulling on Lead
  • Toilet Training Issues

It’s important to remember that dogs do not perform any behaviour with the intention to frustrate and annoy us. Dogs are simply being dogs’ and need us to guide them correctly and teach them what is acceptable behaviour in our households and communities.

With our dog behaviour training program in Melbourne, we are here to support you while you assist your dog as they learn what is considered acceptable behaviour in human terms. When dogs are shown what is expected from them using a simplified and kind approach, with added behavioural training structure and routine, they become less frustrated and impulsive and much more comfortable in their surrounds and within their family unit.

Not all Behavioural Problems are Training Issues:

Please be aware that while the above behavioural problems mentioned can be addressed using training combined with other strategies, not all problems are training issues. Some problem behaviours are more serious in nature and need to be treated accordingly. If you believe your dog may have a more serious behavioural problem, please go to our “Private Behavioural Consultations” page for more information or feel free to contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your dog’s difficulties.

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