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Training Services Agreement

I/We wish to engage Lisa Faorlin, trading as From A Dog's View (ABN 45 825 357 433) to assist me/us in the training of my/our dog(s): on the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


A full refund will not be given without 7 days’ notice of the inability to attend the course. A partial refund of 60% will be offered. 

Once the course has commenced no refund will be given.

In extenuating circumstances, without notice given, a 50% refund will be given upon review. 

Class Attendance 

If a class cannot be attended no refund will be given. However, we will offer the chance to attend a make-up class.

Puppies must attend at least 3 of the 5 lessons to be issued with a certificate of graduation

Description of Services:

The Client understands that the Trainer will work directly with the Client and the Puppy to impart contemporary animal behaviour knowledge that best fits needs of the Client and the Puppy.

The Client acknowledges that successful companion pet programs depend on a combination of learned skills on the part of the puppies and the Client.

Behaviour is not static; a puppy will not continue to perform trained behaviours without ongoing practice. 

A Dog's behaviour is ultimately the Client's responsibility. The Trainer will make every reasonable effort to help the Client attain goals but makes no guarantees of a puppy's performance as a result of providing a professional puppy program pursuant to this Agreement.

The Client will assume full financial/legal and moral responsibility for their own actions and the actions of their pups both inside of and outside of the venue. The Client further acknowledges that puppies may be exposed to a variety of environmental stimuli/activity course during class, interaction with people and other puppies, walking class outdoors, and all of which may pose a slight risk to the puppies. 

clients also acknowledge that it is their responsibly to take care of themselves and their pups during class. Clients must have their pup secured in a harness or on a fitted flat collar and lead to ensure their safety. Food and water should also be managed correctly to ensure it does not become a safety concern for the owner or the pup

The Client and the Trainer hereby agree to mediate any misunderstanding or dispute that may arise pursuant to the terms contained herein.